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Pop Culture/Entertainment Magazines


People Magazine Web Site
People is the most wildly, consistently successful magazine in history (not to mention the most stolen from lunchrooms) and it's avidly read by half the population of America each year. Why? The people at People know what you want to read: the absolute latest, impossible-to-get dish on celebrity scandals (a $3-million-a-year fact-checking department keeps it real); definitive tribute issues; snappy wrap-ups on the whereabouts of yesterday's stars and the current Most Beautiful People.


Teen People Magazine Web Site
Teen People -- It's new. It's from People, except It's just for teens! Dive into the styles and stars, fashion and sports that teens love most. Get the only advice that matters - from celebrities you know to real life teens you d like to know better. You'll know What's what. Who's who. What's new. What's cool. Don't miss out!


People en Español Magazine Web Site


Us Weekly Magazine Web Site
Us Weekly is a revealing, insider's look at all the trends and personalities important to the entertainment industry. Each weekly issue features interviews with actors and musicians, entertainment reviews, and special fashion sections.


Entertainment Weekly Magazine Web Site
Entertainment Weekly -- Stretch your entertainment dollar to the max! America's most exciting weekly entertainment magazine. Stay on top of what's hot (and what's not!) in movies, videos, books, and more from ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY - Winner of the National Magazine Award.


Sister 2 Sister Magazine Web Site
Sister 2 Sister covers celebrity events, interviews with interesting people, personal achievement features and more all written in a bold, sassy style without apologies. Each issue features pointed opinions, news on beauty products, fashion, and music reviews.


In Touch Weekly
In Touch Weekly Magazine Web Site
In Touch Weekly is packed with pictures, profiles and interviews with the hottest celebrities in the news.





VIBE Magazine Web Site
VIBE chronicles and celebrates urban music and the American youth culture which inspires and consumes it. It speaks to a whole generation of young men and women whose lives defy categorization along conventional lines of race, class or gender. Its perspective is multicultural and covers the essential elements of a modern 18-34 year olds life.


Rolling Stone Magazine Web Site
Renowned, revered and immortalized in song, Rolling Stone has been synonymous with rock ‘n’ roll since it began as a San Francisco music newspaper more than 30 years ago. Today, it has evolved into a slick pop culture bible and definitive source for everything in entertainment, from music, film, television and books, to politics, social issues and pop culture.


SPIN Magazine Web Site
SPIN focuses on the progressive new music scene and young adult culture involved with alternative music. Each issue includes reviews, essays, profiles and interviews on a range of music from rock to jazz...


Goldmine Newspaper Web Site
Music gives pleasure and satisfaction to people of all ages and all backgrounds; it is one of the few constants that reaches across society. Goldmine focuses on the appreciation of music, covering the full range of modern music.


Country Weekly Magazine Web Site
Country Weekly is devoted to country music and entertainment. Each issue is packed with feature articles and photos of country music personalities plus music and video reviews, tour dates and late breaking news from the world of country music.


Country Music Today (SKU)
Country Music Today (SKU)

As low as $2.00 per issue!
Country Music Today Magazine Web Site
The official magazine of Country Music Television. We'll keep you up-to-date on today's country music scene with reviews, introductions to new artists and exclusives from your favorite CMT programs. You'll also get in-depth interviews and original photos of your favorite artists.



M O V I E S 


Premiere Magazine Web Site
Premiere is a monthly magazine that takes readers behind the scenes of newly released and soon-to-be-released films. The magazine answers questions about the business and art of moviemaking and helps readers get a better understanding of cinema.


Cinescape Magazine Web Site
Cinescape is filled with exclusive articles on the latest in sci-fi, fantasy, and horror movies, TV, books, music, DVD's and comics.


Starlog Magazine Web Site
Starlog is a magazine that looks to tomorrow while providing a complete view of the latest in science fiction movies, TV shows, books, games, CD's and videos that appeal to science fiction fans.icon


Fangoria Magazine Web Site
FANGORIA, the original, and still the perennial, favorite of horror fans in most of the civilized world, explores the darker side of man's imagination.


Movieline's Hollywood Life
Movieline's Hollywood Life Magazine Web Site
Movieline's Hollywood Life, formerly Movieline, features an exciting, unique mix of stars, filmmakers, and movies woven together to give the reader insight and perspective about what runs Hollywood. Interviews are undoubtedly Movieline's forte'. They are among the most quoted in the country and are prized for their refreshing candor, wit, and intelligence. Accompanied by the prize-winning photography in Hollywood Life, this magazine is a must-read every month!



H O M E   E L E C T R O N I C S


Sound & Vision Magazine Web Site
The result of a merger between Stereo Review and Video, Sound & Vision addresses the interests of audio and home-theater enthusiasts alike. Published 10 times per year, the magazine tests new technologies and explains how to buy and use equipment.


Home Theater Magazine Web Site
Home Theater is a magazine dedicated to the pursuits of audio- and videophiles. It is mindful of consumers' budgets in previewing and testing the latest technologies. Each monthly issue explains the benefits and drawbacks of new systems.





TV Guide
TV Guide

Program listings, celebrity profiles, industry gossip, movie reviews, puzzle.
TV Guide Magazine Web Site





Black Issues Book Review Magazine Web Site
Black Issues Book Review is a guide to the fiction and non-fiction now being published by and about people of African descent. Features provocative reviews and author interviews.


Comics Buyer's Guide
Comic Buyer's Guide Newspaper Web Site
Comics Buyer's Guide is the longest running magazine about comic books. Each 200+ page monthly issue features new comic reviews, nostalgic retroviews, interviews and the largest monthly price guide.


AudioFile Magazine Web Site
AudioFile, the only magazine devoted to audiobooks, is indispensable for anyone who enjoys spoken-word audio. We review more than 100 audiobooks in each issue and award exceptional performances with AudioFile's Earphones Awards.



P C  &  V I D E O   G A M E S 


Maximum PC
Maximum PC Magazine Web Site
Maximum PC is the ultimate upgrade for savvy PC owners. Written for the home PC user, it is packed with breaking news, interviews with industry leaders, tips and techniques, in-depth reviews on the latest hardware and software and previews of upcoming releases.


PC Gamer
PC Gamer Magazine Web Site
PC Gamer is one of the leading PC Games magazine, and features the latest reviews, tips, tricks and strategies. Get in-depth coverage of popular games, previews of upcoming games, new hardware, software, joysticks and peripherals.


Computer Gaming World Magazine Web Site
Computer Gaming World is America's number one magazine for serious computer game players. Every issue is packed with in-depth reviews, winning secrets, sneak previews of the newest games, the latest updates on new technologies, and more.


Electronic Gaming Monthly Magazine Web Site
Every issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly offers readers the latest news, game reviews, and tips about the most exciting new games on Nintendo 64, PlayStation, Saturn, SuperNEW, Genesis, GameBoy, Electronic Gaming Monthly focuses on new electronic games for console video game units, including the Nintendo, Super NES, Sega Genesis, Sega 32x, Sony Play Station, and portable game systems such as the Nintendo GameBoy, Sega Game Gear. EGM also features regular columns on the latest game releases as well as special sections devoted to movies, records and other subjects of interest to the male youth market.


PC World Magazine Web Site
PC WORLD is the number one PC publication for PC buyers and users. Every issue is packed with award-winning articles, monthly PC product rankings, news, reviews, multimedia and Internet coverage, how-tos, tips, and more.


PC Magazine
PC Magazine Web Site
PC Magazine is the leading publication providing information to computing professionals. Every issue provides comprehensive product evaluations including side-by-side comparisons based on benchmark tests from PC Magazine' own labs.


Wired Magazine Web Site
WIRED lays out the possibilities, hopes and opportunities of the digital frontier and the techno changes affecting work, business and our culture. A handbook for the 21st century.



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Current Events



TIME Magazine Web Site
TIME gives you more than just a weekly news summary. Time provides insightful analysis of today's important events, revealing what they mean to you and your family-from politics, to scientific breakthroughs, to human achievement. Plus, Time helps you keep up with the arts, business and society.


Newsweek Magazine Web Site
Newsweek is a magazine of news and commentary. Departments include National Affairs, International, Science, Sports, Business, Medicine, Religion, Entertainment and the Graphic and Performing Arts. It encompasses the week's developments on the news fronts of the world and nation. Articles are usually illustrated with relevant charts, maps, cartoons and photographs, and the reader's views are amplified by a number of columns of opinion, economy, personal business, the Washington scene, current affairs and lifestyles.


U.S. News & World Report Magazine Web Site
U.S. News & World Report focuses on news you can put to immediate, personal use with practical information on health, personal finance, careers and education. Shows how and why national and world events are important to its readers and offers a frame of reference for changes taking place throughout society and the world.



P R O F I L E S  O F   N E W S M A K E R S


Essence Magazine Web Site
ESSENCE -- For the African-American woman who is looking for a rich source of useful, provocative information. Essence magazine answers that need. Each issue covers such topics as health, career, contemporary living, and family concerns.


EBONY Magazine Web Site
EBONY is the ultimate magazine for sophisticated and intelligent African-American men and women. The monthly magazine explores topics ranging from education and history to entertainment, art, health, sports, and social events.


Hispanic Magazine
Hispanic Magazine Web Site
Hispanic focuses on upbeat success stories which present the achievements and contributions that today's Hispanics are making in the American society.


Native Peoples Magazine Web Site
Each bi-monthly issue of Native Peoples brings you American Indian history, contemporary arts, Native film, theatre, music, culture, Native American recipes, pow-wows & events in North & South America in exquisite full-color.


Advocate, The
The Advocate Magazine Web Site
The Advocate is a gay & lesbian newsmagazine featuring issues & breaking stories shaping the lives of gay and straight America.


Interview Magazine Web Site
Interview was originally founded by Andy Warhol, and still offers an eclectic mix of celebrity news, including politicians, filmmakers, musicians, and literary figures, all in a bold Q & A format.


JET Magazine Web Site
Jet is an old favorite with the African American community, focusing on news and features such as Black History and contemporary issues including current events, business, education, entertainment, sports and religion.


Latina Magazine Web Site
Latina is the bilingual lifestyle magazine for today's Hispanic woman. Created with a special understanding of her unique identity and values, each month Latina features the hottest trends in fashion & beauty, health & fitness, food & entertaining as well as profiles of today's achievers and celebrities.


Vanity Fair
Vanity Fair is devoted to readers who are interest in contemporary society and culture. Features include photo essays and interviews with leaders in the entertainment industry; book, film, and music reviews; and compelling general news tidbits.

Vanity Fair Magazine Web Site




and  L A S T ,   B U T  N O T  L E A S T ,   M O N E Y M A K E R S


Black Enterprise Magazine Web Site
Black Enterprise is a monthly business-service publication for African-American professionals, entrepreneurs, and corporate executives. Through its monthly features and departments, the magazine examines critical personal finance, money, and career.


Money Magazine Web Site
Whether you're looking to invest, cut taxes, save money, or retire worry-free, Money helps you reach your financial goals. Each issue of Money offers smart, no-nonsense tips and strategies to make the most of your money. Plus, you'll receive tips on the hottest stocks and mutual funds.


FORTUNE gets you inside. Filled with expert advice on winning in business and investing, every issue brings you closer to success. Offering practical strategies and direction, FORTUNE is a must-have to maximize results.

FORTUNE Magazine Web Site


Forbes Magazine Web Site
Forbes -- When people get serious about business they read Forbes. The magazine offers in-depth coverage that examines the personalities and issues that shape the business world today and explores the trends of tomorrow.


Hispanic Business
Hispanic Business Web Site
Hispanic Business is a dynamic magazine written for today's upwardly mobile Hispanic executives, professionals and employees. Each issue reports on the latest corporate news, global developments, and specific trends relevant to Hispanic population.


Business Week Magazine Web Site
Business Week is America's leading business news magazine. Business Week magazine covers events, trends, issues and personalities in an interesting fashion...always on top of important issues.


Fast Company
Fast Company Magazine Web Site
Fast Company is known as the hip guide to the business revolution, featuring the latest business news and trends, leading-edge entrepreneurs and the very fastest growing companies.


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