Dorothy Dandridge Memorabilia Vendors

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    The following is a list of vendors who have Dorothy Dandridge memorabilia.

 (Full Disclosure: This list was originally compiled for the Netscape Open Directory Project (also known as the directory), but to link to items directly is against the Project's guidelines. To stay in compliance, I removed the page from the Netscape Open Directory Project -- but it seemed a waste to remove it from the Internet completely. So here's the list "re-created" for my own page -- with a few new items. Enjoy!) 

NOTE: Dorothy Dandridge items that are more readily available are featured on the Presenting Dorothy Dandridge page.


    Nat "King" Cole & the Mills Brothers, 37 minutes, $14.95, featuring Dorothy Dandridge, Irving Ashby, Oscar Moore, Ida James, The Delta Rhythm Boys, Joe Comfort and Jack Costanza. Item #BHVM08. 

    Fats Waller & Friends 1941-1946, 29 minutes, $14.95, with Dorothy Dandridge, Bob Howard, Tiny Grims, and Mabel Lee. Featuring Cook & Brown, Dusty Brooks & his Four Tones and The Three Chiefs. Item #BHVM10. 

    Classic Harlem Harmonies, Volume 1, 35 minutes, $14.95, featuring Dorothy Dandridge, Erskine Hawkins & his Orchestra, Nobel Sissle & his Orchestra, Sister Rosetta Thorpe with Lucky Millinder & his Orchestra, Skeets Tolbert & his Orchestra and others. Item #BHVM15.



A Cinema Apart
Check out the list of DVDs of classic African American films at A Cinema Apart.


For more memorabilia, do a search on "Dorothy Dandridge" at the premier Internet auction site,  eBay!  


See a list of all Dorothy Dandridge Items at



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