D I A M O N D S A N D P u r l S

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Sigh. Prince. Oh, Prince.

Apparently, tonight we're gonna party like it's 1999. Again!

Exchanged a couple notes with Ben who runs the major excellent Prince.org (which I really really really thought that I had added to this page but apparently not, which is crazy as I've been a member for a while, but I digress...).  Definitely visit princefansunited.com for information on Prince's newest attempt to control his Internet image, presence, whatever-the-bleep you wanna call it this time. I await when this site will be completely obsolete. I do believe Webmaster Jan put it best, lo, these EIGHT YEARS AGO, when she said:
we luv ya man but sicking lawyers on your fans ain't cool...peace!

Will Prince never listen? Will Prince never learn?? Just last week, I know of someone who was all, "Hey! Why are there no Prince videos on YouTube? Conspiracy??" Yeah, we answered, but not the kind you might think--! Pretty much the only video of Prince on YouTube is "Te Amo Corazon," which was released through the Universal Music Group and so is part of their YouTube account.

I don't get what Prince is trying to do. People did join his official NPGMusicClub.com--and then one day it just vanished--no reason given, no explanation, no chance to get a refund if you were entitled to one! Prince is always having his lawyers send notes and letters to people, but if there's any artist who'd be a valid target of a class-action lawsuit himself...

Look, I'm no lawyer. And I'm an artist, a writer, myself--and some writers are trying to work out their own issues with the Internet and use of and payment for their work right now. In that, Prince is no different.

Part of the problem is that the various corporate entities that now own just about everything simply did not listen when they were told--and they were told repeatedly--that the Internet was going to be a game-changer. I saw the writing on the wall after I listened to my first mp3 file, over ten years ago. The corporations all stuck their heads in the sand and chose not to deal with it, thinking it would all blow over and go away, I guess??

(By the way, don't ever let anyone tell you that online mp3 file sharing never occurred before the original Napster 'cos I can tell you some sad stories 'bout the leech ftp sites from back then, and please don't let me get started on how I never bought as many CDs as in the pre-Napster and original Napster years, like that recent study confirmed because then I'll just get really boring!)

Years ago, I remember talking with my brother about how you could swap your favorite songs online, and so I jokingly said that I supposed that next you'd be able to swap your favorite movie scenes online. He nodded and agreed, not so jokingly. Sadly, my brother died before it really broke out, but that's all that YouTube and its peers are all about. If the consumers can figure out what's coming next, why can't the companies?

I guess Prince wants a world in which his work will only appear in places that he chooses, as part of situations in which he is assured of payment. I suppose, in a way, that's what every artist wants. But he doesn't really have any control over that--and he never did, even pre-Internet. File-sharing and CD burners have replaced cassette recording and tape trades. Torrents replaced bootlegs. Has the law had any impact on curbing any of these practices??

Sure, Prince, then go after the fans, who are way easier targets, then. Would getting rid of the fan web sites really help end the other stuff? Really? I don't think so. I just think it will tick a lot of people off.

There are ways to get around things--or has Prince not yet figured out what "Weird Al" Yankovic's song, "Wanna Be Ur Lovr" is about (nice high notes there at the end, Al)?

 On May 16, 2000, Prince held a press conference in New York and announced that we can officially call him "Prince" again. Well, my word! My goodness! Oh, happy day!! How we waited for this day to come--!

(Geez, what a crock!)

Read the MTV News Report (with RealVideo) and the E! Online News Report about the name "change-back."


Quote From Webmaster Jan/Her page, Jan's x-Prince/TAFFY Page used to reside at


well i can't call him Prince cuz that isn't his name anymore & well i can't use his pic or the symbol cuz his lawyers sent me a letter saying it's all copyrighted... so i guess i'll just call the lil bugger with the symbol 4 a name TAFFY! :p

we luv ya man but sicking lawyers on your fans ain't cool...peace!

UPDATE -- At least that's what Jan's page used to say. See the list below for an update...

To set the stage --

You'll find this to be a rather different set of links. Most of these links are to web pages that no longer exist.

At first blush, this may seem to be a tremendous waste of time (and bandwith) on my part. But it isn't.

These were websites that were about the singer/composer/producer/performer, Prince/The Artist Formerly Known As Prince, or, as I sometimes call him, TAFKAPrince.

What was wrong with these sites, that the person to whom they were devoted, employed lawyers to help him take them down? To put it bluntly, it was because he himself had no control over them and their content. Period.

Sure, some of the sites can be said to have carried content deemed illegal, meaning bootleg recordings, and were dealing in the trafficking of such. I can understand why there'd be a legal problem there. But in most cases, it was nothing like that. And TAFKAPrince picked them out and attacked them anyway.

You can find out the finer points of this situation at a couple of places on the internet, including the following:

Hammer's (Artist Formerly Known As) Prince Page (named one of the "Five Best Artist Sites" by "Yahoo! Internet Life" magazine in 1997) returns -- with a vengeance! Free the Soapstone Symbol!

An Audience with the Artist - August 1998 "Addicted to Noise" interview

Prince Ruthlessly Shuts Down Fan Sites -- From March 1999 "Q" magazine in the U.K.; ironically the only publication in 1998 which accepted Prince's condition of providing an interview only if he could appear on the cover

Keep tabs on the ongoing discussion in the alt.music.prince newsgroup.

* See this press release from the The Daily Vault. And this press release set me to thinking. See Val's musings below...

-Sites Named in the Lawsuit-











UPTOWN Magazine, including Uptown web site - UPDATE: Lawsuit settled out of court

Interactive Productions -- which includes Interactive Experience Online, Interactive Magazine, and the Interactive Mailing List


I just wanted to set aside a place on the internet which was a record of all the sites that TAFKAPrince has been instrumental in having closed, whether directly or indirectly. I wanted there to be a place where people could measure the length and breadth of this occurrence. And even this isn't necessarily an original idea; a list was previously compiled by webmaster "Crucial." But his website, The Artist Currently Known As A**hole, was at first renamed ("Google"), and then literally disappeared; the link is presently inactive.

Why am I doing this? Because I'm OUTRAGED by TAFKAPrince's behavior! If you're an artist, you don't try to sue the people who have spent their own precious time and hard-earned money to support and praise your work! You don't threaten and intimidate the people who have chosen to communicate to the world that they think that you and your music are one of the biggest influences in their lives!

Putting up a web site is hard work; it takes a lot of patience and attention to detail and careful planning to put together the visual and textual presentation that is the world wide web of the internet. When you decide to take on all that just so that you can make a truly comprehensive statement about all that someone means to you, you'd assume that the someone would be flattered, would feel complimented, and would be grateful of your appreciation and the pure feelings behind your promotion of their name and work and accomplishments. You don't expect to open up your e-mail account one day and find a letter from the someone's lawyer telling you that you're merely indulging in illegal practices and should immediately "cease and desist"--! Further, you don't expect to open up the newspaper another day and find an article that tells you that the someone has filed a lawsuit against you--!!

Let the list of URLs, or web site addresses, begin, in no particular order, these....

D I A M O N D S A N D P u r l S

1) TAFKAP RealAudio and RealVideo Site


One of the sites I really miss; it lightened up many a plodding afternoon for me. Additionally, along with a 1997 interview with TAFKAP, it was listed as one of the "Five Best Artist Sites" by "Yahoo! Internet Life" magazine. The webmaster had taken it upon himself to try to digitize all of TAFKAP's music and videos for use with the RealNetworks' RealPlayer. For a while, his site was the only place that Americans could see TAFKAP's appearance on the ABC-network television program, "Muppets Tonight!" While the program was shown in Europe and other parts of the world, the episode sat in limbo here in America, as ABC canceled the show before the episode could air. It was months before the episode was finally shown on American television, on the Disney Channel cable network (not too surprisingly, for Disney owns ABC). It showed a relaxed, funny TAFKAP, who even agreed to make some jokes about his name change at the top of the show. If you follow the link now, it carries a graphic of a stencil reading "CLOSED" and has the title, "zero for a hero."


2) The Artist Currently Known As A**hole

http://www2.bitstream.net/~crucial (UPDATE - link inactive)

A site which attempted to document the actions stemming from the 1998 "cease and desist" letter sent by TAFKAP's lawyer to various webmasters. It was this site's webmaster who gave quotes to some of the reporters who covered the story on the letter, and a link to the page was included in the published stories, including the E! Online story, "Prince: Purple Pain to Net Fans." As noted above, the link is presently inactive. But webmaster Crucial was sincere in his attempt to outline the resulting confusion and anger of the webmasters -- plus he had a monster sense of humor about it! I miss this site, too. Certainly the Screw the Artist website continued the fight, but now its webmaster has been completely disillusioned by the lawsuit filed in March 1999 and will no longer update his site as well.


3) The Ø Family


Only the front headline page remains of this site. As webmaster Diana explained (in her original parting message from March 1999),


4) This is Not Music, This is a Trip


This was a quite detailed and sincerely personal site dedicated to TAFKAP. Webmaster Chuck had taken the time to rank TAFKAP's albums and explain what each one meant to him and why. He even entertained interpretations on a spiritual level, pointing out some songs which he had used in his sermons(!). But another site that Chuck is affiliated with was actually named in the lawsuit, the one for the Databank Transcription Team, at <http://www.dttlyrics.com/> (and previously at <http://ww2.esn.net/~jwear/DTT/home.html> & <http://ww2.esn.net/~jwear/RCTT/home.html>). Hence, he has plans to take this one down completely within the month. Go on over and read all of what he has to say -- this is only part of his message:


5) Chris Halbert's Artist Formerly Known as Prince Page


Actually, this page is now titled, "The Web Page Formerly Known as Chris Halbert's Artist Formerly Known as Prince Page." The webmaster has posted, "This site is dead."

UPDATE: OK, the page is now titled, "The Web Page Formerly Known as Chris Halbert's (Not Allowed to Use the Name Because of Possible Copyright Infringement) Page"--!


6) Gett Off In The U.K.


The webmaster here has taken down his site in protest of the lawsuit:


7) Prince Swap List

http://togdog.com/psl (UPDATE - link inactive)

Site replaced by the Yahoo! News announcement detailing the lawsuit.


8) Ayeshas 0)+> Album (named in lawsuit)


Ayesha described her page as, "These seven pages contain many photos of the Artist and Mayte. Each page has wav file clips. There is a huge page of links to other 0(+> Sites. A special page that is an Emancipation Celebration. A Page on the Artist's song 'She Gave Her Angels.'" Her page currently carries a purple graphic of her name, with a purple tear falling from it. There's also a message that says, "Ouch! I didn't mean 2 hurt U..."

UPDATE: The "Ouch! I didn't mean 2 hurt U..." part of the message no longer shows. There's an intense color play and it leads to just her name and the purple falling tear.


9) The Artist Formerly Known as Prince


I don't know what there used to be here, but now there's only links to the official TAFKAP web sites.


10) Prince Lyrics Transcription Team (PLTT)


The message here reads, "Since Prince isn't fan friendly, you won't find any of his lyrics here."


11) Erotic City


The title now reads, "Erotic City Closed." Webmaster Dolphin has a lot in him and he says it all:


12) The Artist Center (named in lawsuit)

http://www.las.es/TheArtist (UPDATE - link inactive)

Webmaster Raúl has taken this site down, but he still has up the support page for the old Seven Magazine, plus the petition that he put up last year questioning TAFKAP's motivations on various issues, including the cease and desist letter and problems with 1-800-NEW-FUNK. Raul had this to say:

UPDATE: This page is now completely gone, including the petition and support pages. BUT Raúl is hardly down for the count. He showed up in a July 1999 question-and-answer session for Terence Trent D'Arby. See the following (question 12 of 20):

12. Hi Terence, I'd like to know what do you think about the web pages your fans make for you. I'm the author of one of the pages being sued by mr. Nelson (The Artist), and it's not good to be sued for using a symbol in a non-profit page that only promotes an artist. I'd like to know your opinion, since I've followed you since your beginning, and I consider you as one of the best artists. Hope to see you live in Spain soon! - Raul Alonso. 


13) Iceprincess's Tribute to the Artist

http://www.iceprincess.com/prince.html (UPDATE - link inactive)

Webmaster Iceprincess has closed her site down, announcing, "I have closed off this section of the Realm due to the recent actions of the artist. Sorry for any inconvenience."


14) Emile + Mai Dobbelstein's Homepage


Webmaster Emile has posted a message about the database he's compiling for his site, as well as said the following:


15) Love Experience Page


http://www.uwm.edu/~aprild/prince.html (previously)

Webmaster April has completely taken down her site, announcing, "Gone!!! To celebrate the year 1999 (and my growing apathy toward the man who shall remain nameless), this page has been retired. "


16) 7 Corners Website


I don't know the story on this one, but the web address on Hammer's site says that this was the 7 Corners Website. But if you click on this link, it goes to a website for the Miamisburg Church of Christ in Ohio--! It looks real, now, so maybe it is. Stranger things have happened -- like see the next entry!

UPDATE -- I heard from the webmaster, before the site closed, and yes, the site was recreated as the web site for the webmaster's church, the Miamisburg Church of Christ in Ohio!


17) TheDawn.com (named in lawsuit)


The webmaster here has gone through lots of changes with his site, but since the lawsuit, he has redesigned and re-titled his site, "The Prince of Peace - Jesus Christ." There's even now a graphic of a Christ figure prayerfully looking skyward! It's not meant to be taken seriously, and I personally think it's a kind of in-joke to TAFKAP, who for the last year or so has put all sorts of pseudo/quasi/just plain strange-religious statements on his web site. This also affects TheDawn.com Banner Exchange. The webmaster has announced:


18) Live 4 Love 1999


This site has been retitled, "Welcome to Exprince." The webmaster leaves a message that he intends to return:


19) SpooKies

http://www.spookies.dircon.co.uk/index2.html (UPDATE - link inactive)

The front page for this site now declares itself to be a "Prince Free Xone." The webmaster leaves the following message:


20) Positivity


This site has been renamed, "Negative." The webmaster of this site is, like the others, completely fed up with the whole situation, and is even offering up her pages, if you want them:


21) Christian Dallapozza's web site


I don't know what the name was previously, but the site is now titled, "Slaves???!" and has as a backing graphic a copy of the cease and desist letter with a null sign through it.


22) "The Heaven Experience"


This page now carries a graphic of TAFKAP's symbol in blood -- or maybe it's just red paint... There's a message, "'The Heaven Experience' is closed down until further notice...."


23) HiRizeBear's Prince Site


Webmaster HiRizeBear has retitled his site, "Black Rain," and has a background graphic to match that. He had complied as best he could to the original cease and desist letter, including closing his news and record reviews site, "Unofficial Moonraker/Thunderball Info Only," which was at http://members.aol.com/hirizebear/moon.html. But with the current lawsuit, he's taken his entire site down. The site had previously included a tribute page to the late Prince backup singer, Boni Boyer, but Prince's lawyers objected to the use of certain photographs. Presently, HiRizeBear shows the receipt to his returned copy of Larry Graham's "GCS2000," and has a link to the page discussing the awfully familiar looking Soapstone symbol. He left this message on his web site:

24) High Fashion

http://members.tripod.com/highfashion (UPDATE - link inactive)

Yet another site I never got to see. The name, I'm assuming, comes from a song that "The Family" music group did. The webmaster left this message:

25) Bump Squad 0(+> Online Magazine - Independent Online Magazine for Friends of the Artist


"Bump Squad" had recently acquired the Emancipation Mailing List; you can still find out about it and join it by linking over to "Emancipation [Freedom of Xpression]" at <http://welcome.to/emancipation> (UPDATE - link inactive). Be sure to read the thoughtful message left by the webmaster here, explaining the situation -- this is only an excerpt:

26) The Ur-Vile's Lair


Webmaster Ur-Vile's site ruled in so many ways. But he took it down Friday, as he mentioned in the alt.music.prince newsgroup. I already saw a note from someone else in the newsgroup bemoaning the fact it's gone. His parting message, "Last updated 3/12/99 -- The Ur-Vile's Lair is closed until further notice. Why I won't regularly be following prince anymore."

UPDATE -- The message now reads, "The Ur-Vile's Lair is still closed..." but he has other links on his site.


27) Jan's x-Prince/TAFFY Page


Jan's web page message has changed and no longer has the sense of humor that she showed before (see top of page)

August 13, 1999 - please b advised that i am NO LONGER a fan (or friend) of the kooky nutso crackpot formerly known as Prince. i have deleted all of my collection list & everything else referring 2 the fact that i used 2 b a fan... (if u find any leftover remnants from the disaster please notify me & they will also b removed at once). & now u may please refrain from sending me any more of your mass-email crackpot lawyer letter threats... thank u. may u live 2 c the day fans stop receiving threats... Jan


28) Freaks on this Site - The Future is Now!


This site, which I had numbered 24, is now completely down (I noticed 03/20/99).

I had said: Click over to see the color show at least--! But no, this site is gone, too. Webmaster Tom at least left some dynamite graphics, plus this to say,


29) "The Tribute 2 His Royal Badness"


Webmaster Ronny has changed up his site, saying,

-Missing in action-

I couldn't determine the circumstances of these sites being closed, whether it had anything to do with TAFKAP and his lawyers, or they just ended on their own, or were moved to whereabouts unknown... Write me at valsadie@aol.com if you know the circumstances of any of these.

G-Spot (named one of the "Five Best Artist Sites" by "Yahoo! Internet Life" magazine), http://www2.sbbs.se/hp/glimberg

Matthew's Upper Room (named one of the "Five Best Artist Sites" by "Yahoo! Internet Life" magazine), http://www.maui.net/~prn/home.htm

Dolphin's Heavenly Palace, http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Palms/5725/index.htm

Elvosidog Experience, http://www.gbso.net/evol/index.htm

Guide to Unreleased O(+>/Prince Recordings, http://wwwstud.uni-giessen.de/~s1788/

Heebong's Prince Eroticity, http://my.koreamusic.net/heebong (FOUND! Now at  http://come.to/heebong--well, it was)

Matt's Prince/O(+> Page, http://www.bluemarble.net/~toratora/tafkap.html

Prince concerts for trade!, http://www.globalxs.nl/home/l/lefonque/welcome.html

Live Lyrics, http:/clever.net/charles/livelyrics.html

O(+> Page, http://members.aol.com/MindBells

Prince, http://perso.wanadoo.fr/thierry.leloup/Prince/prince.html

The Swaplist, http://homepage.usr.com/d/docdavis/49953.shtml

Welcome 2 the Dawn, http://www.cs.odu.edu/~daniel/daniel.html

O)+> Swap List, http://www.mtsu.edu/~spth0001/

New Power Nework, http://morra.et.tudelft.nl/npn

New Power Network, http://hamilton.htcomp.net/pete/npn/

Peter Berger's web site, http://morra.et.tudelft.nl/npn/living_room/bergerp/

There's OTHERS here with us,

Artist Formerly Known As Prince Backstage Pass Home Page, http://bspaa.com/Artist/prince/prince.html

Forever Prince Web Site, http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Underground/7575/prince.htm

Petra's Page, http://www2.tripnet.se/~c22/prince.htm

RexBabe's Home, http://www.geocities.com/Paris/Metro/6287/prince

The LoveSign Experience, http://members.tripod.com/~purple_rain_2/tfkp.html

Yesterday's Papers, http://geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Backstage/9242

Sonia Mae's Love Page, http://members.aol.com/SONIAMAE/index.html

Strays of the World, http://members.tripod.com/~purple_rain_2/tfkp.html

Richards O(+ Place, http://come.to/the-artist/

18 & Over, http://home.worldonline.nl/~bas456/Index.html

Rebirth of the Flesh, http://members.tripod.com/~rocky_horror_boy/index.html

Finess & Shy's Joint, http://www.crosswinds.net/new-york/~finesse/artist.htm

STL Experience, http://www.mygale.org/03/stl/lovesymbol.html

The Artist Archives, http://www.frognet.net/~khanlon/artist

The Endorphinemachine, http://www.geocities.com/Wellesley/7680

=[Prince / The Artist / O(+ Live Photo & Video Archive, http://www.nol.net/~dfx/prince.html

The Holy River, http://members.tripod.com/~jimmynothing/holyriver

Prince (The Artist) Latest news and info, http://members.aol.com/joeyfunky/music12/index.htm

Aura's o)+> Page, http://home.t-online.de/home/luxenburger-reinhold/französisch.htm

The Beautiful Ones, http://members.aol.com/U2hear/index.html

endorpinmachine's artist page, http://members.tripod.com/~endorphinmachine

The Gold Experience, http://www.demand-sys.com/mitch/gold.htm

0(+, http://scribers.midwest.net/fouts1/music.html

Soul Sanctuary, http://members.aol.com/uretears

Frode Breimo's web site, http://www.idb.hist.no/~frodeb/bookmarks.html

Kenneth Coats' web site, http://orathost.cfa.ilstu.edu/public/oratGallery/artsExhibits/coatsExhibit/home.html

Joint2Joint Webring, http://www.webring.org/cgi-bin/webring?home&ring=joint2joint

NEWPOWERSOUL, http://www.globalxs.nl/home/f/frank/

indexprince, http://www.geocities.com/Hollywood/Academy/4253/

Old TheDawn.com Site,

Cephas, http://members.tripod.com/~Cephas7/The_Artist.html

Computer Blue Club, http://www.jetlink.net/~parade/blue.html

Eric's "The Artist" Page, http://www.king.igs.net/~thunder/artist.htm

Joy in Repetition, http://home.sprynet.com/sprynet/aquari01/princ.htm

(Symbol's) Guitars, http://www.citynet.net/personal/knopp/guitar/

Minneapolis Music, http://xenon.stanford.edu/~jlc1/mpls-music/index.html

TAFKAP/Emancipation, http://www.radio538.nl/tafkap/index.html

Utopia, http://www.city.ac.uk/AFKAP/prince/

Welcome to the Crystal Ball, http://members.tripod.com/~raysapt/index.html (it takes a few clicks, but ultimately there's nothing there)

The Artist/Prince, http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/6890/prince.html

Prince/(Symbol) Stuff, http://www.wtp.net/~WKsand/Prince-TAFKAP.htm

Tim's Princely Page, http://www-users.york.ac.uk/~tgp100/music/tafkap/tafkap.htm

The Paisley Pages/Norbert Marrale's TAFKAP Page, http://huizen.dds.nl/~nmarrale/tafkap.html

Paisley Pages, http://www.globescope.com/norbert/tafkap/tafkap.html

Bobafett's Prince Page, http://www.c2i2.com/~bobafett/prince.html

The Artist in Denmark, http://theartistindenmark.just.nu/main.asp

The Artist in Sweden, http://theartistinsweden.just.nu/main.asp

Official News/Articles and Other Miscellaneous Web Sites


Web Site Profiles

Prince at Launch.com

Yahoo! Muze Prince Biography

Prince at VH1

iMusic Urban Showcase: Prince

Prince at Artist Direct


BayNPG Mailing List - STILL AROUND! - http://baynpg.com
OLD: http://www.netgate.net/~terrinn/BayNPG


Thanks to everyone who has written me and helped me to keep this page accurate in its information. Do you see something wrong? Write me at valsadie@aol.com.

In closing, there are dozens of other TAFKAP/0(+> sites on the web -- but on one level or another, they are as guilty as the eleven sites named in the lawsuit, some definitely more so than others. Is there any particular logic or strategy to this legal attack on web sites by TAFKAP? The official word about the lawsuit from the man himself was only, "One," a link to a long, vaguely creepy, peculiar and ultimately exasperating conversation between the members of the so-called "collective," in which they are discussing what to name the official TAFKAP web site, finally deciding upon "love4oneanother.com" -- a discussion which obviously took place months ago. And perhaps this is accurate; maybe TAFKAP wants there to be only one indeed. Is this really love for one another? I think not...

Val's Musings...

There really is a perfectly legal way to have a web site on Prince/TAFKAP which includes images and music.

Pictures -- If you're an affiliate of Amazon.com, your agreement with them allows your using cover art of various products on your web site, including record covers -- including Prince record covers.

Music Video -- Launch.com allows you to link directly to a video that can be played using either the Microsoft Windows Media Player or the RealNetworks RealPlayer. Click over to Launch.com's Prince page, which links over to the "Cream" and "Sexy MF" music videos; the Launch.com New Power Generation page links over to the "Come On" video.

I'll let you know if I find anything else out there. Stay strong! -- Val

-Legal Resources on the Internet-

Here are some places on the internet which may help you understand some basic parts of the lawsuit:

No Electronic Theft (NET) Act - Summary - Text of Legislation -- (signed into law December 16, 1997; Public Law 105-147)

Library of Congress Copyright Office - Copyright Basics

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Trademark Information

Digital Millenium Copyright Act Summary (in PDF format)

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Janet Jackson Word Find Puzzle

Janet Jackson Word Find Puzzle Solution

Janet Jackson Discussion

Janet Jackson Superstore


Link to Dorothy Dandridge Page

Presenting Dorothy Dandridge

Dorothy Dandridge Memorabilia Vendors

Dorothy Dandridge Discussion


Link to Weird Al MTV Vanguard Petition, Photo stolen from WeirdAl.com, My shame is immeasurable!

Weird Al for MTV Video Vanguard Award Online Petition

"Weird Al" Yankovic Discussion


Backstreet Boys in Alley, from back of "Black & Blue"

Why the Backstreet Boys are Cool

Backstreet Boys Superstore


Pages protesting Prince Rogers Nelson's Web Sites Lawsuit

Diamonds and PURLs

Diamonds and PURLs Store


Batman -- The Movie (1966) - DVD

See my kicky Batman TV Show Superstore!

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