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ALL tapes in North American NTSC format -- NOT in European PAL format

ALL tapes now available in DVD!!

1. Ghosts -w/ the making of-$25

2. Capt EO-in widescreen w/backstage-$25

3. History concert in Munich (HIFI Stereo)-$20

4. History concert in Seoul,Korea-$25

5. Bad concert in Japan (HIFI Stereo)-$25

6. Dangerous HBO concert (HIFI Stereo)-$20

7. Victory concert in Dallas (fuzzy but rare)-$25

8. Michael & Friends concert 6/99 with interview (4 hours)-$40

9. Jacksons CBS Variety shows 1976-77 (10 shows)-$35

10. J5 cartoons-$20

11. MJ commercials-$18

12. Jackson Family Honors Show-awesome show with the whole family and Motown stars-$25

13. Motown 25-Complete TV Show-$25

14. Jacksons 1975 concert in Mexico-$20

15. Jacksons 1978 concert at the Rainbow-$20

16. J5 1971 complete Diana Ross Show-$25

17. J5 1971 Complete Goin' Back to Indiana show w/interview with Bill Cosby-$25

18. Michael Jackson: Weekend MTV special from Europe with bonus-$30 (2 tapes)

19. Jackson 5 : Archives Volume 1 (1969-1972)-$30-2 hours

20. Jackson 5: Archives Volume 2 (1972-1975)-$30-2 hours

21. Jackson 5: Archives Volume 3 (1975-1980)-$30-2 hours

22. Jackson 5: 1972 Complete Sonny and Cher TV show-$20

23. Michael Jackson: 1980 Complete Diana Ross Show-$20

24. Michael Jackson: Awards Performances Volume 1-$25

25. Michael Jackson: Awards performances Volume 2-$25

26. Michael Jackson: Complete Super Bowl performance w/game! Only $25

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King of Pop Michael Jackson Superstore

Other Home Videos/DVDs Michael Appears In



1974 TV special  features a sixteen-year-old Michael in a duet with legendary Roberta Flack, "When We Grow Up"


Michael's performance from the 1988 Grammy Awards, where he sings "The Way You Make Me Feel" and "Man in the Mirror." 
NOTE: This performance is only on the videotape and not on the CD of the same title.


Michael appears in this documentary of legendary record producer Quincy Jones...sort of. He agreed to be interviewed about Quincy for the film only if the lights could be turned off--! So he's heard but not seen. Only Michael!


Originally titled MOTOWN ON SHOWTIME: MICHAEL JACKSON as a special for the Showtime cable channel in the late 1980s, it's a cross between (and pre-cursor to) the A&E "Biography" and VH1 "Behind the Music" shows. Narrated by James Earl Jones, the show features many great and legendary stars all talking about Michael -- including some who are no longer with us, such as Gene Kelly, Gregory Peck, and Katharine Hepburn.



Michael has a cameo in this sequel to the original "Men in Black" film as Agent M.


On this tape is the legendary 1983 performance of "Billie Jean" that showed everybody that Michael could no longer be considered just an older child star, but was without question an adult performer who would not be denied true stardom any longer. It may be lip-synced, but it was after this performance that sales for "Thriller" went through the stratosphere!!


Performance compilation includes Michael's stunning performance on the 1995 MTV Video Music Awards; this also appears on Michael's own HIStory on Film: Volume II. Michael performs a medley of his past hits before full performances of "Dangerous" and "You Are Not Alone."


A behind-the-scenes look at how the 1985 charity single for Ethiopian famine, "We are the World," which was written by Michael with Lionel Richie, came together the night of and after the American Music Awards. Recorded with over forty of the top popular singers and other performers of the time, they were famously told via a sign producer Quincy Jones put at the entrance, "Check your ego at the door."



Michael's film debut in this urbanized version of "The Wizard of Oz;" Michael plays the quietly clever Scarecrow.

History of Rock 'n' Roll: Up from the Underground (1995)
The History of Rock 'N' Roll, Volume 10 VHS: Up From the Underground -- The final installment chronicles the rise of street music to mainstream success. Michael Jackson, Madonna, N.W.A., Run-DMC, and others are featured. Warner Home Video, English Closed Captioned, Running Time: 56 minutes.

The History of Rock and Roll DVD
Get the entire History of Rock 'N' Roll DVD set.

The Simpsons, Season Three
The Simpsons - The Complete Third Season (DVD)
includes the episode, "Stark Raving Dad," which features MJ as a guest star (well, his voice anyway)!

 See a fuller list of home videos which feature Michael at the Michael Jackson Filmography.


The Making of Michael Jackson's Thriller

Making Michael Jackson's Thriller -- used copies available 

More used copies of Making Michael Jackson's Thriller


Michael Jackson's GHOSTS
Michael Jackson's Ghosts (Video CD, DVD) at eBay!

Ghosts Video CD at CDUniverse



Finally (!) I've remembered to add the 1992 ABC-TV miniseries about the Jackson family! It stars Angela Bassett as mother Katherine Jackson, Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs (an actor thoroughly undervalued in Hollywood, by the way!) as father Joseph Jackson, Vanessa Williams as Motown superwoman Suzanne De Passe, and, in the most outrageous stunt casting of all, Billy Dee Williams as Berry Gordy!

The Jacksons - An American Dream (The Complete Miniseries) DVD
The Jacksons - An American Dream (The Complete Miniseries) DVD

The Jacksons - An American Dream Video
The Jacksons - An American Dream (Video)



Vicky's Michael Jackson Collectables web site.
Michael Jackson Collectables



Also check out the newly-revamped Jackson Trader


And don't forget to check out Andreas Schoepf's


J5 Collector
J5 Collector

Looking specifically for concert tour collectibles? Try Rocktoys! They have a handful of Michael Jackson items, including some from the "HIStory" tour.

Still can't find what you're looking for? Well, then try eBay! This premier Internet auction site offers literally hundreds of Michael Jackson videos, posters, dolls, and other memorabilia every day. Believe me, when all else fails, try eBay!
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Michael Jackson at 
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